Regular Coffee

Regular Coffee


16oz bags of gourmet coffee.


Blue Ridge Mountain Blend - Five premium beans from Indonesia, South America, Central America and Africa carefully blended and roasted to perfection and mixed with a bit of Espresso.

Bolivian Caranavi - Sweet and aromatic with hints of ​caramel, chocolate and nuts. A classically clean, yet full bodied coffee with a delicately bright acidity.

Brazilian Cerrado - A full bodied coffee with hints of chocolate and nuts.

Colombian Mistrado - Bright bodied with a distinctive aroma. Big, rich, chocolatey coffee with an exceptional fragrance and significant acidity.

Ethiopian Blue Harrar - A rich and rounded cup with floral
​hints and a hint of blueberry.

Mexican Oaxaca - Shade grown for a mellow and ​nutty coffee with low acidity.

Papua New Guinea Simbu - Delicate, full bodied and low acidity.

Peruvian Junin A light cup with vanilla nut toned sweetness.

Sumatran Takengon - Earthy and intense with an herbal aroma.