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Our Mission

- Our goal is to provide broad and direct access for consumers to their food and other simple home goods, which will support their overall health and quality of living, and the health and quality of living for the animals and humans involved.

- We seek to do this via carefully managed livestock, utilizing homegrown or locally sourced fruits and vegetables, and working with clean, sustainably manufactured materials. Our pork and poultry products are from animals living as they should, together and unafraid out on pasture.


- Our Kunekune pigs are a medium sized pig perfect for family farms, with well marbled, well flavored offerings.


- Our various egg laying hens provide exceedingly healthy, dark-yolked eggs perfect for all uses. From omelettes to baked goods, the difference can't be missed.


- Our broilers are provided continuous, daily access to pasture and sunlight. With slightly longer grow-out times compared to common store bought chicken, these birds are healthy, happy, and well proportioned for your plate.


​​Our handcrafted soaps are designed for daily use. Each one is specifically designed and made to contain as few ingredients as is necessary and help our customers feel clean and satisfied.

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